Our Energetic Systems

Everything is Energy

We all have a non-verbal, energetic information system. It’s an ancient system; established long before we had words.

In spite of industrialization, mechanization and computerization we still receive our most direct signals and make our most important decisions with this system. We use it to select our mates, choose our friends and find our jobs.

Energy is Constant

Our energetic systems run 24/7.  We are bombarded by energetic information and vibrations that affect how we feel and react.

Most of us are completely unaware of this energetic flood.  We don't know what's happening, why it's happening or how we are affected - leaving us unable to manage the inner and outer effects of this continuous flow of energetic information.

Energy Resonates
Our energetic systems are powered by vibration. We experience it as pleasant or unpleasant feelings.  When we are interacting with people we may experience resonance; an energetic pattern starts running between us, below our consciousness.  Our energy shifts and synchronizes with the other's vibration. 

Resonance can amplify passion and optimism or magnify anger and frustration.

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