Energy Therapy

What is Going On? 

There is significantly more going on around us than we can see with our physical eyes.  Importantly, this hidden activity is operating within a comprehensible structure and is not random - a collective unconscious. 

The connections between each of us and this "other world" are either inner wisdom, helping us navigate through our lives or discordance, creating mental, emotional or physical disturbances and dis-ease in our lives.

What Can We Do?

We use a combination of coaching and Energy Therapy to impact and access the energies that are the source of the disturbances.  Energy Therapy takes place in the energetic worlds - the collective unconscious.

We use specific protocols and processes to open corridors into these worlds to help discordant energies "wake up."  This interrupts the patterns and scripts.  We help the energies go through a transformation to a "clear and present state."  At that point they become part of the wisdom and cease being part of the problem.

Why Are We Affected?

Think of it like a play in progress.  The drama is playing out in an unseen frequency and we, here in our world, walk right into the middle of it.  The players don’t see us and although they might feel a “little bump” they keep right on with their script.  We don’t see them but we also feel an emotional or physical “bump.”  We are now connected to this frequency with the play running in our central nervous system.

We begin to believe that all the thoughts, feelings and physical ailments it creates are us instead of recognizing that something else is “running us” from this unseen place. 

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