We are available for group meetings, seminars or conferences to provide presentations and/or workshops on
Energy Dynamics.

We help participants take charge of their energetic lives by:
  • Finding out how and where to sense energetic signals and what they mean.
  • Experiencing the movement, flow and range of the energetic system.
  • Using tools to manage energy - anywhere, anytime.
  • Discovering how to minimize resonance; the influence of energetic patterns running between them and others.

If you would like to learn more about our presentations or workshops for your group event, please complete the contact sheet on the Contact Us page and we will get back to you within 24 hours

Participants will learn how to become more "energy aware" particularly in their interactions and relationships with families, friends and co-workers.

 Welcome to ENERACTION

Individual Sessions
Energy Therapy is done remotely.  I do not have to be proximate to the client to undertake the work.

Many of my clients like to be on the phone with me while I work, and I welcome it.  Others check-in at the beginning of the session then leave me to work with the proviso that I can reach them by telephone if energy comes into the work that I need help identifying.
Energy Therapy is progressive.  Some energies are able to clear in a session, but it takes longer for others.  Factors include:

  • How long the energy has been running the pattern.
  • Where the energy is located in the structure.
  • The mindset of the client - how strongly the pattern is connected to the client's identity.
  • The commitment to the work.  Energetic patterns do not clear in one session.  A six month commitment to the work is requisite.
  • How willing the client is to take coaching. 
If you are interested in rates and scheduling for personal sessions, please complete the contact sheet on the Contact Us page.  Please include your questions and your preferred method of return contact and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
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